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How to clean the liver properly?

Cleansing or detoxification of the liver is suitable for everyone, because the liver is the "filter" of the body, the most important organ for detoxification of the whole body. Especially in the spring, we may notice a weakening of the liver and gallbladder. The liver affects the overall health of the body and has a serious impact on cancer, vascular diseases and allergies. If the liver is contaminated with toxins, we learn about it mainly by constant fatigue and nervousness, because poor liver function negatively affects the nerves. Therefore, liver cleansing is very suitable in spring, as well as at other times of the year.

How to clean the liver?

The very good news is that the liver has the ability to recover very well. If you regularly clean the liver and biliary tract, you can significantly affect the overall function of the body, become healthier and full of energy.

Cleansing the liver with fruit juices

Fruit and vegetable juices are a natural way to cleanse the liver and kidneys, as well as other organs. Carrot vegetable juice is ideal. First of all, it can remove toxic substances from the body and neutralize acidified blood circulation. For the liver, this is a great relief, which in everyday life will affect the increased vitality of a person. Carrot juice contains a lot of calcium, so it strengthens teeth, nails and bones. This juice is often used in dietary diets, as it has a very positive effect on the entire digestive system.

Try beetroot juice, it perfectly cleanses and strengthens the liver.

Another suitable juice for cleansing the liver and kidneys is apple juice, which effectively removes toxins from the body and has a positive effect on the entire digestive system. However, since it is fruit juice, we recommend drinking it especially in the morning.

If you have a very clogged or diseased liver, this will help you from the very beginning, you need to prepare fruit or vegetable juice with chlorophyll. Chlorophylls are found in spinach leaves, lettuce, dandelion leaves and many other plants. Add them to the juicer and prepare the juice. Then you slowly cleanse and repair the liver. Too sudden cleansing can "shock" a very weakened liver, and your body, for example, will react with severe fatigue.

How to make fruit or vegetable juice for liver detoxification

To get a juice that preserves all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained in fruits or vegetables, purchase a high-quality juicer. To cleanse the liver, we need to get the most out of every juicy fruit or vegetable.

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