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Immortal Romance slot analytics (Microgaming)

Immortal Romance slot analytics (Microgaming)

In what slot session should last at least 2.5 hours? And this is in the mode of accelerated spins. This is an unusual scenario has a slot machine Immortal Romance provider Microgaming, released back in 2011. The popularity of the slot due to the progressive increase in RTP. The game has four levels. At the last possible giant prize in freespins - x12,150 relative to the total bet. The editorial experts will talk about the bonus payouts at all levels. They will also talk about the strategy of increasing the bets.

Winning with small stakes and without much difficulty can be done by playing Sweet Bonanza slot. Simple rules and a high RTP attracts more and more fans of this game.

Immortal Romance video slot is not for everyone. It requires a considerable bankroll and time reserve of about three hours. Declared RTP 97% works on an infinite distance. The game has four levels of freespins. The functions in the free spins are different. To reach the last, most profitable level, you need to get freespins 15 times on the previous three.

Approximately 80% of the regular payouts have a value of ⅙ to 1.5 bets. Half of this is due to the scatter symbol (Scatter). In 1000 spins it was possible to collect only 14 payouts from x10.

All large odds happen only with the replacement symbol (Wild). He is a multiplier - increases winnings by a factor of two.

Basic gameplay

For winnings in freespins, a strong scatter: from x10 to x150. High results are obtained due to x3 and x5 multipliers. There are these in two types of freespins.

The most unprofitable are the initial free spins. The main profit is given by the 3rd level freespins. To reach them, you need to play the previous levels nine times.

Video slot features

Immortal Romance was the first slot machine with a 5 * 3 scheme, where they made 243 ways to pay combinations. This is called Adjacent - "adjacency, adjacency". In order for the winning chain was counted, the symbols must be just on the adjacent reels, not even touching.

In addition to freespins, the machine has a bonus feature "Covetous Desire" (WIld Desire). It is activated at random. On the playing field are up to five stacked wilds. Frequency of activation - about three times per 1000 rounds. During the 4,000 test spins there was a scatter of prizes - from x10 to x150.

It is the Wild Desire feature that can give the best payout in the main game - x1500. These are five stacked wilds. They are closed all the cells of the field.

Immortal Romance video slot has a high rate of automatic spins - 25-28 per minute. In manual mode, the process is twice as slow.

Runet casinos offer a rather high minimum bet - 30 rubles. The range in dollars - from $0.30 to $30.

Tips from the expert

Slot machine Immortal Romance provider Microgaming is capable of giving several thousand bets per session, but you need to play for about three hours to reach the 3rd level of free spins.

Level 4 freespins are a trap for users. In them, the average prize is low.

It is possible to win using a simple strategy:

  • Playing Level 1 and Level 2 at the minimum wager.
  • Playing on level 3 with 5x the stake.

Immortal Romance video slot is available in almost 100% of online casinos. However, there may be regional restrictions. The machine is prohibited for wagering deposit bonuses and gift freespins.

Play the demo version

It makes sense to re-test in demo mode. This will take 2-3 hours. You can not check all the orders. It is enough to limit the statistical freespin level 3.

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